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Music Lessons Can Boost the Brain!

Recent research shows music lessons can improve memory and learning ability in young children. 

Canadian scientists compared children aged four to six who took music lessons for a year with those who did not.  They found the musical group performed better on a memory test also designed to assess general intelligence skills such as literacy and maths ability.

The researchers focused on 12 children, six of whom attended a Suzuki music school. The other six had no music lessons outside school. Lead researcher Professor Laurel Trainor said: "This is the first study to show that brain responses in young, musically trained and untrained children change differently over the course of a year."

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What is CTEC?

Children's Talent Education Centre (CTEC) is an innovative and dynamic non-profit charitable organization devoted to providing quality early childhood education and music programs in the spirit of the Suzuki Philosophy. CTEC involves parents as partners in nurturing a natural learning environment. What makes CTEC distinctive is our approach to teaching. We emphasize a partnership between you, your child and the teacher. We consider the parent the most important influence in developing the child's potential. Parents are pleasantly surprised at the impact of their involvement. Both parent and child enjoy the added benefits of a stronger, closer relationship.

The Suzuki Philosophy

Where love is deep, much will be accomplished.
~ Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

      Dr. Shinichi Suzuki, A Japanese violinist and teacher, spent over fifty years studying how children learn. Encouraged by their ability to assimilate the mother tongue, he saw a great opportunity to enrich children’s lives through music. His primary goal is not to teach young people only how to play musical instruments. Rather, he champions the unique contribution music can make in the total learning process.

The Suzuki approach seeks to develop the whole child, to help unfold his/her natural potential to learn and become a good and happy person. The purpose of Suzuki training is not to produce great artists, but to help every child to find the joy that comes through music making. Through the Suzuki growing process, children thrive in a total environment of support. Suzuki students develop confidence and self-esteem, determination to try difficult things, self-discipline and concentration. As well, they acquire a lasting enjoyment of music and the sensitivity and skill for making music.

“The Suzuki approach to teaching very young children, with its belief in their great potential and its concern for them as sensitive, compassionate, and thoughtful as well as accomplished human beings, has much to give the world of education at large.”

This quote from Susan Grilli’s book Preschool in the Suzuki Spirit, underlines her belief in the wonderful things that children can and will accomplish from a very early age, when they are in the supportive learning in environment advocated by Shinichi Suzuki.


Dr. Suzuki's goals for the child include developing an appreciation of beauty, giving a sense of purpose to life, learning the discipline of acquiring a skill, and becoming a fine human being.  Dr. Suzuki called it “Talent Education”. He believed that with the proper education and environment, every child can learn. Talent can be learned, ability can be developed and just as each child learns to speak his or her native language, he or she can learn any skill through the “mother tongue” approach.

At Children's Talent Education Centre, teachers believe that the responsibility for education starts at home.  The parent, with the teacher's guidance, creates an environment for growth.  We also believe that our children are our country's most important resource.  It is becoming more evident that adults need to work together to strengthen familes and give children the best educational beginnings.  In response to this need, CTEC has developed a "parents as partners" program.

At CTEC we firmly believe that the child's first and most important teacher is the parent and we support this crucial first partnership in all of our programs.